Web Services API


In order to use Oak Harbor Freight Lines’ web services you will need a “web service account” and a corresponding “web service key”. In general it takes 2-4 days to get this setup

  1. Create an OAKH.com profile through this link. The email account you enter is going to be your userid, we require that the userid (email) is not specific to an individual person. For example, we recommend using something like oakhwebservices@abc.com or helpdesk@abc.com instead of jane.smith@abc.com. We also recommend that the email is a distribution list instead of standalone account. Distribution list allows you to easily manage membership within your company. OHFL uses the userid (email account) to communicate service downtime and API changes. After you hit “save changes” button, a notification will be sent to our web account Administrator to review your profile.
  2. Our web account Administrator will process your request and may contact you for clarification and/or additional information. If you are developing a web service on behalf of a mutual customer, you will need to provide a Letter of Authorization (LOA).
  3. After your profile is reviewed and approved, your request will be forwarded to IT web services team where they will assign a unique API key to your userid. The API key will be used to authenticate your connection (password is not used in web services). This API Key will be sent to you using the email address you provided (your userid).
  4. When you are ready to develop an API connection, send an email to webservices@oakh.com and indicate which API you’d like to develop, our technical team will work with you to stage and configure data. We request that you send a notification email to webservices@oakh.com at least 1 day prior to migrating to production, this will allow us to provide optimum support during your transition.
  5. You may contact OHFL web services team via webservices@oakh.com
  6. For API sample, WSDL, and additional information visit Services List Information
  7. Web services is not available between 1:00am through 2:00pm every Sunday.