Current Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Related Surcharge Schedule

Oak Harbor Freight Lines fuel surcharge will be adjusted on Monday of each week based on the U.S. Department of Energy West Coast (PADD5) Average Diesel Fuel Index. The fuel surcharge will be shown as a separate entry on our freight bill and will be applied to net line haul charges, after the application of your discount.

The current West Coast (PADD5) Average Diesel Fuel Index may be obtained by calling the Energy Information Administration (EIA) hotline at (202) 586-6966 or by accessing the EIA website at

Check the weekly retail on-highway diesel prices at the U.S Energy Information Administration website.

Effective DateWestern AvgLTL%TL%National Avg
Fuel surcharge table

Less-than-truckload, also known as or less-than-load, is defined as shipments weighing less than 19,999 lbs. and other than loaded to full visible capacity or application of the cubic capacity and density rule.

Truckload or Full-truckload, are shipments weighing 20,000 lbs. or greater, shipments specifically designated as pupload or truckload, shipments loaded to full visible capacity, shipments subject to linear foot minimum, or shipments with the cubic capacity and/or density rule.

Fuel Related Surcharge table is subject to change without notice. Should the Western Region Average Diesel Fuel Index fall below 200.0 cents per gallon or go above 449.9 cents per gallon the above table will be updated.