Shipping to Canada

Shipping Steps

To ship freight to Canada, a Bill of Lading or Trans Border Bill & Commercial Invoice is required. Regardless of the format, within these documents you must clearly state:

  • Canadian Customs broker name
  • Value of shipment
  • Complete description of freight
  • Country of origin
  • Currency of sale (U.S. or Canadian funds)

Once you have completed the paperwork send it to our Canadian Desk by fax - (253) 931-5137 or email - To minimize the chances of delay, please send the paperwork to the Canadian Desk by 3:00 PST on the day of pickup, (12:00 if your customs broker is on the east coast).

Call the Auburn terminal (800) 285-6254 and ask for the Canadian Desk.

Send paperwork to the Auburn terminal
Fax - (253) 288-8358
Attention:  Canadian Desk
Canada Matrix