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NOTE: If you have turned your damages over to your insurance company to handle on your behalf, please contact our Safety Department and provide us your claim # (if applicable) with your insurance information.

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Nothing on this page is to be construed as an admission of liability or that payment will be made on any claim submitted. Important Notice to All Car Owners and Those Responsible: Regardless of fault, you do have a duty to mitigate, or make less severe, your damages. You are hereby advised of your duty to mitigate the damages on this claim. If your vehicle has been towed, we will not be responsible for unreasonable storage fees. You must confirm where your vehicle is located, if other than your residence, and arrange to terminate those fees as soon as possible. Should unreasonable charges be incurred, they can and may be deducted from your property damage settlement. In the event that an agreement to issue payment for your claim is reached, we will not be responsible for storage charges incurred 7 days after the date of this letter.