General Increase

November 12, 2018

Dear Valued Oak Harbor Customer:

We are grateful for your business and for your trust and confidence in allowing Oak Harbor to provide solutions for your freight transportation needs. We strive daily to bring peace of mind to you and your customers by providing consistent, high quality service with professional employees. We hope your experience with Oak Harbor is enjoyable and one that helps make you more competitive and profitable.

In order to continue to meet and exceed your needs, we must be able to enhance our service network and keep up with industry specific cost pressures based upon driver/worker shortages, traffic congestion, regulations and capacity. Effective December 3, 2018 we will be revising our general rates and charges to help offset the economic impact of rising costs across the transportation industry, including: competitive employee wages, healthcare, equipment, terminal expansion, technology investments and regulations/taxes.

General rates and charges will increase by 5.9%, although the effect on specific lanes and shipments may vary. Individually negotiated floor minimum charges will increase $3.00 on direct points and $5.00 on indirect points.

The OAKH 500 (12-3-18 level) rates will be available for download from our website at no later than Monday, November 26, 2018. We encourage you to take advantage of this service by downloading our new rate level.

We value our relationship with you and look forward to proving our worthiness of your continued loyalty.


Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc

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